Thursday, February 26, 2015

Instructor Corner: Trigger Control

Trigger Control is one of the fundamentals in learning how to shoot handguns. It’s very important that you learn to press the trigger straight back without any sidewards motion. The sidewards movement is what can cause the gun to go off target. Which is one of the main reasons a shooter will miss their target or not have those “bullseye” hits they so desire.  You should have a visible gap between the frame of the gun and your trigger finger, this allows you to press the trigger back correctly. The proper placement of your index finger on the trigger is on the pad of your finger approximately half way between the tip of your finger and the first joint. Basically where your fingerprint is. So it’s very important that you have a handgun that fits your hands properly so your able to press the trigger straight back without any extra movement.

The ability to control the trigger smoothly is not sufficient by itself to produce that perfect shot. If you’re sights are aligned properly and you press the trigger back correctly you will hit your aiming point. Some of the most common errors made by shooters is jerking, flinching, improper positioning of the finger on the trigger as well as improper sight alignment. All of these can be corrected by practicing correctly and help from a qualified Instructor for proper diagnosis.

TIPS: Please remember to treat all firearms as if they are loaded and keep them pointed in a safe direction at all times. For Dry Fire practice sessions at home ALWAYS verify that your firearm is unloaded!! Safety first!!
- A great way to practice Trigger Control at home is to lay a penny flat on your front sight, and aim at a small target or object  that is easily visible (I like to print targets offline and tape them to the wall). Once you have your sights aligned press the trigger back slowly, and if the penny did not fall off, then your off to a GREAT start!! If the penny did fall off, start over and keep trying until it no longer falls. This will really help you improve your shooting fundamentals and get those hits where you want them.

Jamie Meyer

Shoot Like A Girl Pro Staff & Firearms Instructor. Owner of Oklahoma Gun Training NRA Certified Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun, RTBAV and Oklahoma Conceal/Open Carry Instructor.

What's In A Name - Shoot Like A Girl

There has been fantastic press for Procter and Gamble’s “Like A Girl” video.  I personally love it, because it echoes the sentiment behind Shoot Like A Girl. Doing anything “like a girl” is to be strong, confident and powerful. 

The foundation for the name Shoot Like A Girl began in 2002 when my friend, Anne Gueist, and I shot in an archery league together. Anne was a much better shot than I was, and I felt inspired to shoot like her. Her husband, who was also my coach, called us in the most lovingly way, “The Girlies.”  Both Anne and I accepted this moniker, partly because it was cute, and mostly because we were a good team. We were proud to represent girls at this 95% male league.  This term led to me buying T-shirts for us that read, “I Shoot Like a Girl”… and so the name was conceptualized.

When the company was incorporated in 2008, as SLG2, Inc., and Doing Business As: Shoot Like A Girl, it was official.  Of course, SLG stood for Shoot Like A Girl, and the number two, represents the power of two – archery and firearms. Of course, it also shows support for the 2nd Amendment. 

Brands normally have an identity associated with a company’s mission. Shoot Like A Girl’s mission is to “empower women to participate in shooting sports with confidence”; over the years it has progressed to “grow the number of women who participate in shooting sports by empowering them with confidence.” Our name embodies that mission. 

I often tell people that our brand doesn’t say, “Look at me, Look at me … I’m a girl!”; it confidently states, “That’s right, I’m a girl.” It is a powerful statement that says women can do anything we set our minds to do. We have asked for equality, and what we have is equal opportunity. Now, it is up to us to take advantage of that opportunity  and do anything – “like a girl”.

Karen Butler
Shoot Like A Girl