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Women on the Rise in Shooting Sports: Bozeman News Wire

Women on the Rise in Shooting Sports

Women on the Rise in Shooting Sports
by Craig Lamb
Why would anyone want to shoot like a girl? The answer might surprise both genders, as the face of America’s target shooters is evolving. New shooters are commonly younger females who live in big cities. Here’s the proof: 37 percent of new target shooters are female. This is in stark contrast to the 22 percent of established target shooters that are female, according to the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF).

bowsThe gun industry is meeting the demand from this new market by downsizing popular models originally created for larger hands. Lighter weight, smaller profile handguns suited for the hands and concealment needs of women are top sellers. Because shooting and archery share the same marketing demographics, many shooting companies like TRUGLO are defining multiple female niches through archery, crossbow and shooting accessories.

While the industry ramps up, another need arises — creating educational outreach programs on the front lines that are customized for women. Shoot Like A Girl serves that purpose. The foundation seeks out women shooters at sports shows, clinics and hunting expos. Established female shooters, including a pro-staff, connect with newcomers to create a win-win for everyone.

What’s more, Shoot Like A Girl cleverly introduces women to a byproduct of gun ownership that resonates with many: the social aspect. Women like to bond with other women in the outdoors, and Shoot Like A Girl provides that opportunity.

Shoot Like A Girl follows up by presenting women the opportunity to learn about the natural progression from firearms to archery. The momentum from archery continues by creating excitement about whitetail deer hunting — a traditionally male-dominated sport. TRUGLO is on board to help foster this experience as a corporate partner with Shoot Like a Girl, along with other leading archery and gun manufacturers.
That’s good business — and smart for a sport that now appeals to women. Bows are easier to draw. Many features seemingly designed to make archery hunting more appealing and accessible for men are attracting women. Accessories like sights, stabilizers and releases are more technologically advanced. The technology improves the odds of success when shooting and that attracts more hunters — including women.
Search the aisles of sporting goods retailers and you’ll find apparel sections devoted to women. Pink is the new camo and you can find both in the SLG double logo pinksame garment. If that’s not enough evidence that women are interested in hunting, here’s more. Of the participants in Shoot Like A Girl, 62percent plan to purchase a gun, falling in line with the rise in numbers reported by the NSSF. Growth numbers are similar in the exploding archery shooting and hunting segments. An impressive 51-percent of Shoot Like A Girl participants plan to purchase a bow.
Shoot Like A Girl is growing and so are the events on tap for sports shows and major retailers. Keep up with the latest schedule at You’ll also find email addresses for the foundation’s staff and volunteers.

TRUGLO is the world’s leading company in fiber-optic technology for the shooting sports industry. Born from innovation, TRUGLO continues year after year to enhance the marketplace with technologically advanced and innovative ideas for the outdoor shooting enthusiast.  Based in Richardson, Texas, TRUGLO is a brand recognized worldwide, celebrating over 20 years of offering only the very best to shooters and hunters around the world. Giving back to an industry it loves, TRUGLO is involved in many conservation groups, youth programs and organizations that promote the values that it believes are necessary to guarantee the industry’s future. Visit  TRUGLO – When Brightness Counts!

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2015 NRA Shoot Like a Girl Interview with Federal Premium

What's My Role? by: April Mack

What’s my role?

I recently had a conversation with my pastor (Sam) about my role in serving God... What is it? Where do I serve? Who can I help?
Now before I lose you completely, this conversation leads to one of my passions; teaching others to shoot and hunt.
But before I get into those details, let me continue with my conversation. The conversation went a bit along the lines of where I would fit into serving at the church, our church is young, so not a lot of existing programs for me to dive into. I do not feel confident enough with bible based knowledge to just create something on my own either. The few programs we do have in place are not where I feel I would be able to contribute effectively. Sam proceeded to tell me I am already serving in a sense.
You see, thanks to Face Book®, people get to see the example I set unknowingly albeit. I am a Christian and I do not hide it. I love to hunt and I love to shoot, I am not shy about divulging that either.

I recently spent a weekend teaching others to shoot shot gun for the first time in preparation for a pheasant hunt that same afternoon. Teaching someone that is barely able to handle, load and shoot a gun with extreme confidence is an amazing feeling add repeatedly hitting just about every clay pigeon they aim at into the mix and the feelings are indescribable. The excitement they display after being successful at hitting their targets is much like a proud parent moment.
Once practiced- we took those newly learned skills and put them to the test with the actual pheasant hunt. Some harvested birds, some did not. As sportsman men and women, spending time together in the field with a common bond and newly developed enthusiasm for shooting sports and hunting, despite the outcome, they all were very successful.
So, what IS my role? I believe it is just as I have been doing all along. Using my gifts and talents God has afforded me in leading others. Teaching those to shoot a bow safely, to handle a firearm confidently and having the tools to go out and pursue a newly found passion. I am serving God by serving others, teaching others to become part of such a unique and special community sportsman and women, hunters alike.
What’s your role?

April Mack is a certified level II archery instructor; Hunter Ed instructor for the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife; Pro Staff member for Shoot Like A Girl (, Hunt Staff Member for Prois Hunting and Field Apparel for Women ( VP of Tournaments for Oregon Bow Hunters (OBH).