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PRO STAFF/INSTRUCTOR SPOTLIGHT: Learn more about Chief Operations Officer Cristy Crawford

Pro Staff / Instructor Spotlight:  We asked Cristy Crawford a few fun questions. Pro Staff / Instructor Spotlight is designed to help you get to know our awesome team of Pro Staff / Instructors a little better. Cristy lives and works in Texas and is Shoot Like A Girl's Chief Operations Officer and an avid hunter, fisherman and competes in various outdoor related competitions.

If you could only hunt in one season which one would it be?
That's a tough question!! I love all aspects of hunting various species. I would have to say there is something special about watching waterfowl soar in from the heavens and work a decoy spread!

What's your favorite location to hunt?
I don't get to hunt in the mountains often.. But I have always loved trying to sneak up on things. Spot and stalk in the mountains gives me the opportunity to do just that.

Who introduced you to hunting?
My husband took my love for fishing and the outdoors and taught me everything I know about hunting! I will always be thankful for his patience and him going above and beyond to teach me all the "why's" and reasons we were set up a certain way. It made our relationship stronger and made lifelong "hunting and fishing buddies"

What do you hunt for?
Everything I can.

What hunting skill would you like to master?
I have been obsessed with calling all types of animals for quite some time. I have been successful calling animals in but I still strive to do that on a more advanced level.

What's your biggest hunting challenge?
TIME!  I have a wonderful family and job. Both help to support my obsessive habit. Although, traveling does seem to happen sometimes during the most magical times of the year .. such as the whitetail rut etc.

What would be the most amazing hunting adventure that is still on your bucket list?
I have always thought (even though its expensive) It would be amazing to go on one of the hunts in Alaska for example. Where you are dropped off in the wilderness with only the gear on your back for a few weeks. Fishing and hunting. The other adventure I would like to go on one day would be to follow a big wave of migrating ducks all the way from the border of Canada to the coast in the Central or Mississippi flyway.

What hunting skill do you wish you knew more about?
Anything traditional

What's the hardest hunting lesson you've learned?
I have been obsessed with hunting for 20 years now. In the beginning I would want every shot to be absolutely perfect. I have learned through time, experience and failures that you can still make an ethical shooting decision even when the animals approach isn't the perfect case scenario. Most of the time the animal doesn't have the same game plan that you have developed in your head for their approach.

If hunting was no longer an option for you what would you do with your time?
I would have a hard time not being able to enjoy the outdoors in the same way, but I would fish a lot more. I get asked all the time if I had to choose between hunting or fishing which one would I choose. My go to answer to that question is.. well what time of year is it? If its winter I'm hunting if its summer I'm fishing. So I would without a doubt be a year around fisherman.

What could you give a 40-minute presentation on with absolutely no preparation?
Calling especially ducks and turkeys.

How many pairs of hunting boots do you own?
I have a problem getting rid of old worn out boots so 7. Most are worn to the point they are no longer useful in the field , but they are useful working in the yard or other outdoor projects I end up doing.

What style of hunting are you most passionate about?
Having a whitetail deer in bow range or anything wing shooting. I love the challenge of a bow and the feel of a good shotgun!


What do you like most about the SLG shooting trailer?
Being fortunate to work for Shoot Like A Girl for 8 years now I have been able to watch first hand how SLG has grown from just archery in a little trade show booth into the semi tractor trailer of today. The thing I love most has always been watching the "wow" moments from women shooting for the first time. Watching all the anxiety disappear from their faces with a huge smile after executing the first shot ever!

If you didn't have to sleep, what would you do with the extra time?
If it was summer time I would definitely bass fish all night and work during the day. Winter time I would enjoy working on various projects & waterfowl taxidermy or European mounts at night.

What hobby would you get into if time and money weren't an issue?
Non hunting related makes this difficult!

What non hunting related skill would you like to master?
Cooking! I have a few dishes that I cook well but a lot of my cooking has been trial and a lot of error!

What are you interested in that most people haven't heard of?
I love to have projects going. Most of my projects involve building something or tearing something apart and rebuilding it. I don't do well with just sitting around unless I'm hunting.

What's the farthest you've ever been from home?

Where do you usually go when you when you have time off?
Woods or Water

Who inspires you to be better?
The good LORD, My husband, My Daughter, My Family & Friends

What are three interesting facts about you?
1) I'm a competition junkie. I have competed in all sorts of various outdoor competitions from ASA Archery Pro/Ams to fishing team bass tournaments with my husband.
2) If something breaks around the house I usually try and enjoy trying to fix it myself
3) I use to be extremely shy

What is your biggest fear?
Extreme heights. I say extreme because I'm not afraid to be in a deer stand as long as it has a good sturdy platform. But you will not see me look over the edge of an extremely high cliff or drop off. I am to clumsy to risk tripping and falling to my death. Haha

If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?
A good steak and tators.

List two pet peeves
Going to cities where people love to honk their horns the second the red light turns matter if your 5 cars back from the light. It falls under rushing and I don't like to be rushed.
Rude and Inconsiderate people. Life's too short to not be nice to one another. Traveling as much as I have has made me realize that a lot of people just don't take the time to be nice to one another anymore. It really is sad.

Which of the five senses would you say is your strongest?

One thing that not a lot of people know you love to do?
Rebuild old motors

Mountains or Beach?

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